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EEA Grants provide funding for 16 EU Member States in Central, Eastern and South Europe. A budget of 1.79 billion Euros was allocated under the EEA and Norway Grants for the programming period 2009-2014. The grant for the project “History of minorities – an artistic approach to cultural diversity” is provided to Romania through the EEA Grants by donor countries – Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein – and is meant for projects that propose valuing and promoting cultural diversity of Romania in the European context.

The program PA17 / RO13 “Promoting diversity in culture and art in European cultural heritage” has a total financial allocation of 8,022,059 million and is, at this moment, one of the most important sources of funding to reach the cultural sector in Romania. The program is implemented by the Culture Minister of Romania, through the Project Management Unit (PMU) as program operator, in partnership with Arts Council Norway (Arts Council Norway), as program partners from donor countries. Through the EEA and Norway Grants, Romania will receive grants totaling about 306 million Euros. Funds are distributed through 22 programs in which projects will be developed in the following areas: environmental protection, civil society and improving social conditions for Roma, justice and home affairs, health, research and culture.