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In the last years, the discussion about multiculturalism has turned into dispute. Many prominent European political leaders have rushed to declare the end of multiculturalism and the failure of social policies that have been developed for this purpose. In parallel, a number of specialists from the academic environment have written in various prestigious publications analyzing the complex perspective of the multiculturalism end. Moreover, in the context of recent international tensions in what has been called “clash of civilizations” starting from the religious differences, is put again into the question the necessity or the disappearance vision of multiculturalism. There are contrary voices who believe that only a certain type of multiculturalism has to be criticized the extent that it imposes strict limits to minority cultural traditions and too few bridges between them. From the viewpoint of the project “History of minorities – an artistic approach to cultural diversity” the multicultural public policies must continue the creative and inclusive approach because it considers that, beyond of social integration and socio-professional integration, a series of values and common symbols: equality of chances, respect due to the different, the perpetual exchange of exclusive experiences and the feeling of solidarity.