Iasi City Hall launched the project “History of minorities – an artistic approach to cultural diversity”

The “History of minorities – an artistic approach to cultural diversity”, initiated by the City Hall of Iasi in partnership with the University “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” and the “ProRoma” Association, aims to find out the unwritten stories behind the communities, allowing wide public access to their culture and enhance the cultural dialogue and understanding cultural diversity through minority contribution to the genesis of Iasi.

A first step was the project launch conference, which took place on March 17, 2015, in the town hall of Iasi. At the conference officiated Mihai Chirica, deputy mayor of Iasi, Cosmin Coman, Director of Development and European Projects of the Iasi City Hall, assoc. Prof. dr. Bogdan Maleon, the University “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” partner of the project, prof. dr. Laurentiu Rădvan, historical research coordinator of the project, Margareta Hertanu, representative partner of the Association “ProRoma” and Ana Pustianu – Rogojinaru, project manager.

Also present were representatives of minority communities in Iasi, teachers, writers, artists, directors, actors, representatives of local publishers, students, people of culture, and of course, the very well represented local media, obviously interested in the event. The “History of minorities – an artistic approach to cultural diversity” is the first European project that we implement by the Iasi City Hall that is dedicated to minorities. It is funded entirely by a grant from Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and the Romanian Government, through the EEA Grants program PA17 / RO13 “Promoting diversity in culture and art in the cultural heritage”.

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